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Postcard form New York

My Uni project


statically typed vs dynamically typed – How to get 90% discount.

There are a lot pros and cons of diffrent typing, yet on the one hand static typing wins – security. Yes both can be more or less secure buy static typing tells you a lot about your code and prevents from bugs, certain types of bugs. Do you want to buy a new flashy notebook with 90% discount? Everybody does 🙂

  1. find a victim. Website with on-line shop.
  2. Pick your laptop and start the order
  3. In this process fill out the amount textbox with value ‘.1’ (dot and one)

Since most of the systems calculate the final value of bill :

ValueOfOneLaptop x AmountOfLaptops = TotalAmount

If there is no valiadtion upon floating point TotalAmout will be 10% of a laptop’s value. How? .1 stands for 0.1 and therefore  0.1 gives you 90% discount :). Most likely shop engine is wirtten in PHP or Python so you have a lot of chance to get it pass through. A shop employee validates the order  and will not spot the little dot.

Brilliant isn’t it?

Web Devs need to bare in mind this.

Static vs Dynamic 1:0.

Ps Cheating is bad mkay

WP7 Development Best Practices Wiki

The best practices about Silverlight and Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.

WP7 wiki

A drab bunch – what does it mean?

The quote from Pro in WPF book:

“WPF applications would be a drab bunch if you were limited to the plain, gray look of ordinary buttons and other common controls. “

My first thought was “what does it mean?”. I’ve checked the dictionary – no help, then I’ve tried to google it which also didn’t give me the answer so I asked friend of mine form UK. He had no idea what it is. I was a little bit confused, whether it was a typo yet thanks to friend from U.S (Hi Gonzo) I have my answer.

it’s 1950s way to say boring or not happening, not cool group – beatnik stuff

Book writers should bare in mind that majority od developers are not U.S. based, shouldn’t they?

Some sophisticated content may not be understood.

whoa I got the e-mail from Matthew MacDonald himself.

“Drab” means “lacking color or liveliness” so the sentence “WPF applications would be a drab bunch …” means “WPF applications would be a dull, boring bunch of applications …” I assure you there’s no “beatnik” connection.

Perhaps the combination of clauses just made my sentence unnecessarily confusing?”

puzzle solved 😛

WP7 Serialization Comparison

Binary serialization vs Json.


If you can choose between Json and XML – go for Json. Average is 4 times smaller then xml.

Sync Framework 4.0 CTP for WP7

The preview of Sync Framework.


What Grills Faster

A competition… and viral marketing 🙂

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